Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pandora Hearts

** This is for the series as a whole not just the first volume **

Pandora Hearts follows young Oz as he tries to find the truth behind his "sin".  During his coming of age ceremony he is condemned for this sin and is pulled into the Abyss an unknown eternal prison of which has no escape.  He meets and forms a chain with B-Rabbit, or Alice.  Together they seek the truth behind Oz's "sin" and find out what happened to Alice's memories and the truth behind the tragedy that happened 100 years ago.  Through the journey he discovers things about himself and those around him that he may not like.  Can he find hope among the unrelenting despair that seems to follow him?

I admit this is probably one of my favorite manga series of all time.  It sucks you into the story straight from the start and continues throughout the volumes without missing a beat.  The development of not only Oz, Alice and his friend Gil, but all the characters surrounding them is amazing.  There are slight elements taken from Alice in wonderland which makes me wonder if the "abyss" is a twist on wonderland itself.  The story progresses nicely with a combination of flashbacks, memories, and present day action.  It is a story that makes you want more.  I was very impressed with this manga.

There are 20 volumes to the series, but when it ended there seemed to be lacking something, closure I think.  It didn't seem like it was indeed finished.  That really is my only complaint.  The rest of the story was well done and well presented.

Pros: Excellent story and development
Cons: Doesn't seemed finished
Bottom Line: this would be a great starter manga, it is one of the better manga I have read.

Rating 4 out of 5 stars

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