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Currently I am living In Pittsburgh with my two loveable cats, whom by rare chance also love books: Falcor or Orion.  There are times I cannot get them off my books, or give them up (Falcor on many occasion has taken a book back when I tried to take it from him.) I am an avid reader, and consistently have a book in my hand.  I enjoy curling up on the couch with a good book and cup of tea during a storm.  I love going out on adventures with my boyfriend and his daughters whether it is to a national park or just enjoying the treasure of two little girls.

I love discussing books, and sharing my thoughts on things I have recently read, whether they have recently been published or not.  I find enjoyment learning what others have thought about the same books I've read or books they might recommend to me.  I started blogging originally to release those thoughts and opinions on books, but soon found I loved reviewing the books and sharing those ideas with all of you.
 I love all genres of literature, but I find I gravitate to fantasy based genres.   Some of my favorite authors in Ted Dekker, Chris Pisano/Brian Koscienski, Margaret Weis/Tracy Hickman, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Paulo Coelho just to name a few.  I have been sucked in by the beautiful covers of books.  Some were wonderful and I found amazing friends within the pages, others were so disappointing I wanted to cry.  I learned very quickly that you honestly cannot judge a book by it's cover!  Throughout this process I have stumbled across many wonderful books, and have been introduced to genres I would not have originally been privy too.  I am always open to new ideas and new recommendations, so if you have some let me know!

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