Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Willows of Fate

Title: Willows of Fate by Suzanna Linton
Media Source: Kindle
Rating 5 out of 5

Recommendation:  Willows of Fate is one of the novels you cannot put down.  You feel the need to keep reading until you come to the conclusion.  If you enjoy a good novel with action, twists/turns, a little romance, then this is the novel for you!

Willows of Fate is a fantasy novel about a woman who has seen beings and creatures from another plane all her life.  She always brushed them off as her imagination running wild, but one day she finds out they are all too real. 

Desdemona gets a surprising phone call one day that her mom is dying of cancer, after spending a few days in the hospital, her mom passes away.  After the funeral, things begin to get weird.  After an argument with her brother he goes missing, the neighbor lady reveals that Desdemona has an aunt she knew nothing about, she is seeing the beings/creatures more, weird sounds and lights are appearing throughout the house, someone breaks in, and so much more.  What is Desdemona to think?  Could everything be connected?  When a man tells her she has the key to the world beyond the Willows, and only she can help restore their world, she steps beyond the willows to find answers she desperately needs.

I loved this book, there is not one thing I would change.  Right from the beginning readers feel attached to Des with the lose of both her mother and brother, then discovering she has a aunt only to lose her as well.  In a matter of days she loses everyone mysteriously, so it is natural that when Martin offers the chance to find answers she jumps at the chance.  The characters Suzanna creates are fantastic.  Each had their own unique personality, and none of them felt like a cookie cutter fantasy character.  The centaur type of character is in my opinion, an underused persona, but Suzanna utilizes it and creates a character you want more from.  I couldn't help want anticipate seeing Thane (sp) pop back up in the story. Throughout the story readers watch as each character transforms, not just Desdemona.

Some things are predictable, while others blow you away.  There is a perfect balance of the two, sometimes the reader needs to be able to predict something happening, but how it happens could be completely different from how the reader imagines it.  That happens quite a bit throughout the novel.  There were moments I thought one thing was going to happen a certain way and Suzanna takes it a different direction.  To me this is the mark of a phenomenal author. There were only a few slight errors in novel.  The way Suzanna Linton describes things simply creates a world of her own.  "Cedar and lavender waft up, old and faded like memories," this description is when Desdemona opens a truck, as you read it, you can almost smell the cedar and lavender.  It is a beautiful way to describe opening a truck rather than saying it smelled of mold or mildew.  Suzanna appeals to all senses throughout the novel when she describes things in this manner.

Now I want, no I need to read more.  What happens next for the Land of Sun?  Does she return?  Some loose ends tied up nicely in the end and the epilogue, but it also cause the reader to want more from these characters.  I honestly cannot wait to read more.

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**I was provided a copy of this book for an honest review**


  1. I've not heard of this book before but it sounds wonderful! I love a book that calls to me when I'm not reading so I think I'd like it.

    1. That's how it was for me, the cover just called to me and I had to read it. I look forward to the next book. Thank you for visiting.