Monday, July 6, 2015

Little Sparrow: Kiowa in Love

Title: Little Sparrow: Kiowa in Love by R.A Winter
Media: e:book: Nook
Rating 4 out of 5
Recommendation: I recommend this novel for anyone who enjoys a good romance that focuses on the relationship rather than "physical intimacy".

Karen is the epitome of a workaholic; she spends all her time at the office with little time for anything else.  When her mother finds out she has 3 weeks worth of vacation, she either uses or loses she demands that Karen spend the vacation time at home during Thanksgiving.  On her way home, Karen continues to run into Richard who is also on his way to spend time with a relative.  Throughout the course of their time together the discover feelings and spend an amazing couple of days together until a snow storms breaks.  Quickly they find out there are complications that bar them from being together.  In the following weeks, Karen is forced to face issues she struggles to forget and learns who she truly is.  Will Karen come back to her roots? Or will she keep running away?

This was a fantastic book to read.  It was refreshing to read a novel that actually focused on the building of a relationship rather than jumping into bed together all the time.  I really enjoyed that Richard took the time to get to know and understand Karen's family and culture.  That is something that is lacking in other romantic novels.  Others focus too much on the sexual aspect whereas Little Sparrow focuses on the time spent getting to one another, the thrill of a first (or second) kiss, the way your heart races just being close to that person.  Those elements are what make for a good romance novel and RA hits the nail on the head with her novel.

The various Native American elements added a special quality to the novel.  It helped give a perspective into a different culture.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Native American side of the First Thanksgiving story as well as all the cultural elements.  I thought it was funny that Karen's family were testing Richard the whole time!  Oh what would I do if my mother was asking a gentleman caller all kinds of sexual questions!  I am blushing just thinking about!

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