Friday, August 8, 2014

Facing Your Giants

The Bible talks about a young boy named David who fought and defeated a giant named Goliath with nothing but a stone and a slingshot, and his faith in God.  We each have a Goliath in our lives that takes one form or another; we know what it looks like.  How it presents itself. Sometimes it could be looming bills we struggle to pay or grieve over the loss of a loved one, unbreakable habits and more.   Everything we struggle with throughout life is our own personal Goliath.  The basis of the book is that if you focus on your giants, your Goliath's; you stumble and fall.   But if you focus and rely on God you will triumph over them all.

Once again Lucado causes his readers to re-evaluate their lives and how they deal with aspects of their lives.  Relying on God through troubling times or when we face our struggles is something very important for Christians to follow.  we spend too much time focusing on how overwhelming our stresses are, or our fears, failures and doubts effect our lives now and our relationship with God and other people.  Max Lucado paints a picture, a vivid picture of David and how he appeared trembling before the 9 foot giant.

Max Lucado shows David's focus was on God and not the fears and doubts he had to have had swarming in his mind.  This is how out lives should be lived.  How we should face the giants in our lives.  Max's writing brings the story to life and makes the readers see David's life within their own.  We all struggle with fears and doubts but when we rely on God we can succeed the way David succeeded against Goliath.

Pros: Helps you view struggles and trials in life differently
Cons: Not everyone is going to agree with what he says
Bottom Line:  It is worth the read and you will learn something from reading it.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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