Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Waking Lazarus

All Jude Allman wants is to be normal.  Not to be known as the man who comes back to life.  Every so often since he was a young child Jude has died, only to come back to life a few days later.  He has managed to blend into the world around him under a different name of Ron Gress.  His whole life begins to change when he meets Kristene.  He slowly begins to taste copper at random moments or sees visions when he touches a person.  What could all that mean?    As Jude/Ron tries to figure his life out, someone is kidnapping children from neighboring communities.  Could the abilities that Jude/Ron has discovered help find the person responsible for the abductions?

This was an interesting novel.  The character development was well done, especially Ron/Jude character.  Reading the development of Rachel was exceptional.  We watch as she begins to see him in a different light, see him as the person he is and not who she thinks him to be. The parts with the kidnapper were confusing with the references to the Hunter and The Normal and acceptance etc.  It seemed like there was something more complex within the plot of who the kidnapper was than what was presented.  It was difficult to understand what was actually being said in those sections, and honestly I skimmed through them faster than the other parts of the novel. 

It was fairly well written with great descriptions of the characters and setting.  There were things that were almost predictable, but others that threw you off guard.  Might just be typical to have some things expected while others. The story is interesting with an interesting characteristic that the main character poses.  T.L Hines does a good job getting his message across and relating the story he wanted. He does an excellent job at capturing his audience and holding them with the story.  It's a good novel to pick up and read.

Pros: Great story idea and character development
Cons: Story progression can be slow and a few unanswered questions
Bottom Line:  It was a good read; it is enjoyable. 

Rating 3.5 out of 5 stars

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