The Literary Cats

Falcor (left) is 4 and Orion (right) is 3, while they are from different litters and much different backgrounds they couldn't love each other more.  Falcor formerly known as Boots, came in my life as a feral cat in the Outer Banks.  He hung out at the church I was attending and when one of the church leaders mentioned needing to find him a home, I knew his home would be with me.   He is my climber, my vocal fur-child and always into mischief.

Orion, I found shortly after while I was in a pet store like PetCo or something like that.  He looked so small and tiny, he was only 6 months when I seen him.  He was previously a stray the loval shelter found, when he was 2 months old.   Sadly something happened before he was in the shelter to have spooked this little guy because every sound scares him including a cough.  This little guy is my snuggler, love bug. Sometimes he gets jealous of my books and tries to pry my attention away from them.

Harley is the baby of the family, she is only about 3 months, and boy does she have energy!  She is such a little cuddle bug when she wants and her purr is incredibly loud when she is happy.  She has discovered book recently, but thinks they are for noms right now rather than reading.  She is a joy to watch as she plays and gets into everything.  The smallest of things makes her happy like playing with a penny.  Her momma was a stray that a guy at church took in that happened to have kittens and this precious little thing was one that wormed her way into my heart. I am excited to see what silliness she brings to the Literary Cat family.

The cats have seemed to take on my love of books.  I have videos of Falcor trying to take books away from me, and pictures of both  laying on top of books or sleeping on one I am attempting to read.  There is always entertainment when these three are around.   They think they help me when I blog or write, and I tend to let them think that because well....look at can I not?

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