Thursday, March 26, 2015

Herbal Antibiotics and Antiviral Cures

Title: Herbal Antibiotics and Antiviral Cures by Elaine Wilcox
Media Source: E-book: Kindle
Rating 3 out of 5 stars

Recommendation: if you have an idea of where to obtain or how to grow some of the herbs mentioned in this book then definitely pick it up.  There were some that were confusing on where I would be able to find the herb. 

There are many ways people treat different disease and ailments; one  source of remedies that is becoming more common is all natural, using things we can grow rather than items and products that contain large amounts of chemicals.  This book is perfect in explaining how to use herbal remedies to help thing such as bee stings, burns and other minor ailments.  This will not tell you how to use natural remedies to treat something like bronchitis or anything like that.  This book provides everything you need to know for a specific remedy, although it does seem to lack the information about how to prepare such remedies.

As someone who is just starting to learn about herbal antibiotics and cures, this is good source of information of what herbs and plants can do, but one would need to look else for the basics on how to prepare and apply said remedies.  Many of the herbs listed are not commonly heard of, in fact many on the list I have never heard of before.  The book also does not include descriptions or even images of how these herbs or plants would look like in turn causing more research to be done.  It is not a book I would recommend to someone just starting to learn how to use such items.  It might cause some confusion and frustration. That being said it is  good book to add to a knowledge base that has already formed.  It is good for added learning and growth within knowledge of new and different herbs that what we are commonly use and can find.  Even though I don't have a strong base of knowledge in herbs and their uses this book helped me understand that I have a lot to learn in this area.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Frank Sinatra: My Father

Title: Frank Sinatra: My Father by Nancy Sinatra
Media source: Paperback
Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars

Recommendation:  I highly suggest this novel to anyone who enjoys not only Sinatra's music, but music in general, as well as those who enjoy biographies and life stories.  This is definitely one to add to the collections.

This is a biography/memoir about one of the greatest musicians of all time (in my opinion) as told through he eyes of his daughter.  This book depicts the emotions and understanding that comes from someone who was close to the singer, and knew the intricate elements of his life.  Nancy gives detailed accounts of her father's career in music and film as well as his rumored involvement with the mafia.  She also provides accounts of his torrid love affairs, in addition to her brother's kidnapping.  There are so many life events, good and bad that this book includes.  Readers will get a glimpse into a side of Sinatra they wouldn't otherwise see.

I have been an avid Frank Sinatra fan since I was a teenager.  Since the moment I heard "High Hopes," his music had me hooked.  I devoured anything related to Sinatra and not only his work, but his life as well.  This biography was the perfect thing to add to my collection of literature in my little library, as well as feeding my hungry for more of this talented musician.  Nancy's way of describing things in not only her father's life but her own put a new perspective on things, a new perspective of this man.  This book showed there was more to him than being a famed singer and movie star.  It portrayed his as a man with faults, a father, and a friend.  This book includes family pictures which just add to the effect of Nancy's stories about her father.  It is evident throughout the book the influence this man had on our culture at the time and still today.  This is a fantastic read, and you will not be disappointed when reading it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ender's Game

Title: Ender's Game by Orsen Scott Card
Media: Paperback
Rating 4 out of 5 stars
Recommendation:  I would recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys war novels, battle scenes, military strategy, or simply a good sci fi story.  I am not normally into novels with military background of sorts, but I highly enjoyed this novel.

All Ender Wiggin wants is to be a normal child.  But he is no ordinary child.  In a society that breeds and cultivates children to be military geniuses, Ender has broken the mold.  Ender is taken into the government training program to be molded into the perfect military solider.  His skills and abilities quickly make him into one of the youngest leaders and highly respected within the Battle Room.  While other teams battle once a week or so, his team battles every day, sometimes twice a day.  While he battles other kids in the battle room, he also battles things within himself such as loneliness, fear, and intense pressure from those around him.

I was pleasantly surprised when I read this novel.  Normally I am not one for military-based novel, but this one came highly recommended by a friend of mine.  I devoured this novel in a few short days.  The development of the story and characters were done phenomenally.  The pain Ender endures and his fears, the readers feel it as well.  You find yourself wanting him to defeat those who oppose him and cringe when he get defeated.  Some of the strategies this young boy comes up with during the battles are incredible.  Card does an excellent job in creating a completely complex character in Ender.  While he is determined to make his mark and make a place for himself, he still looks for guidance from his elders.

The setting Card creates in rather interesting, a training facility in space.  While this may not be completely unique, but the way the students train and are separated into platoons is unique.  I found it interesting that the battle room has no gravity and moves around helping the children learn the unpredictability of fighting in space.  While the characters are children, Scott Card displays them as highly intelligent and capable of complex thought and logic.  In my opinion this is a novel that needs to be read more, it needs to be in the hands of young adults, and adults alike.  Hopefully the movie will spark more interest in the novel itself.