Thursday, March 19, 2015

Frank Sinatra: My Father

Title: Frank Sinatra: My Father by Nancy Sinatra
Media source: Paperback
Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars

Recommendation:  I highly suggest this novel to anyone who enjoys not only Sinatra's music, but music in general, as well as those who enjoy biographies and life stories.  This is definitely one to add to the collections.

This is a biography/memoir about one of the greatest musicians of all time (in my opinion) as told through he eyes of his daughter.  This book depicts the emotions and understanding that comes from someone who was close to the singer, and knew the intricate elements of his life.  Nancy gives detailed accounts of her father's career in music and film as well as his rumored involvement with the mafia.  She also provides accounts of his torrid love affairs, in addition to her brother's kidnapping.  There are so many life events, good and bad that this book includes.  Readers will get a glimpse into a side of Sinatra they wouldn't otherwise see.

I have been an avid Frank Sinatra fan since I was a teenager.  Since the moment I heard "High Hopes," his music had me hooked.  I devoured anything related to Sinatra and not only his work, but his life as well.  This biography was the perfect thing to add to my collection of literature in my little library, as well as feeding my hungry for more of this talented musician.  Nancy's way of describing things in not only her father's life but her own put a new perspective on things, a new perspective of this man.  This book showed there was more to him than being a famed singer and movie star.  It portrayed his as a man with faults, a father, and a friend.  This book includes family pictures which just add to the effect of Nancy's stories about her father.  It is evident throughout the book the influence this man had on our culture at the time and still today.  This is a fantastic read, and you will not be disappointed when reading it.

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