Friday, July 17, 2015


Title: Everflame by Dylan Lees Peters
Media: E-book: Kindle
Rating 4 out of 5 stars

Recommendation: I would highly recommend this novel for anyone who enjoys a great fantasy novel.  It is a great story of finding oneself and their abilities.

Everflame is an epic fantasy about a world that lost sight of where they came.  Four beings known as the ancients created humans to be the defender of the world and the creatures which inhabit it.  When the ancients are chased away by a being known as the Great Tyrant, the humans lose sight of their creatures and accept lies from the Tyrant as truth.

While hunting in the woods two bears came across a small human child who had been abandoned by his people.  The bears decide to go against regulations of the kingdom and raise the boy, naming him Evercloud.  Rumors regarding the return of the ancients reach the bear kingdom, and they decide to send Whiteclw, Evercloud, and Eveneye to discover if these rumors are indeed true.  This could mean saving the world has grown to love as well as the world he knows nothing about.  While the group looks for evidence of the Ancients, another sets out to spread the lies of the Great Tyrant.  Evercloud must discover the courage within himself to protect his home, but there is a chance he could succumb to the darkness that looms across the land.

I devoured this book like it was chocolate cake.   I wasn't sure what to expect from the novel. I was weary of the idea about a boy being raised by bears, but Peters does an excellent job with the story.  Evercloud has some bear-like qualities reflected in his actions which would come from being raised by them, but he is also wholly human which is reflected in his emotions and thoughts.  We see Evercloud evolving throughout the story as he begins to discover who he truly is and where is his place in this world.

The story moved along at a easy pace, not too fast, not too slow.  With the right amount of action, even the most hard core of action lovers would enjoy the battle scenes within this novel.  Some of the battles aren't physical, but also internal emotional battles.  There was a fantastic balance between the two.  Peters takes a tale from his dreams, puts it down to words and creates a story readers are captivated by.  His details are done well; he doesn't drone on about the minor things nor does he forget the bigger scale of things.  Everything in the story is perfectly balanced.

The story kept me interested all the way to the end which leaves off with a cliff-hanger.  This was a slight disappointment as there was no resolution to the story Peters began.  I understand there is a second book in the series, and I am very interested in reading it.  But the story could have come to a close with a resolution and still set the stage for further novels.  This is the reason for the rating of 4 rather than 5 stars.

**** Special addition:  read an interview with Dylan Peters here.

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