Friday, July 11, 2014

Record Of A Fallen Vampire

** This review is for the entire series, not just the first volume **

Akabara has spent thousands of years looking for his queen, his love. The queen was intent on destroying the world, because the humans could not kill her; they sealed her away in order to stop her.  Akabara has spent his time searching for her to release her.  To his dismay the humans created fake seals around the world to make finding her harder.  While he search the Black Swan looks for him as well to help protect the humans from vampires and dhampires (half vampires).  When something more sinister threatens the fate of the world, Black Swan and Akabara put their differences aside to work together.

This is an interesting look at the world of vampires.  It started off with the tone of being a romantic love story of a man searching for his beloved, but quickly turns into something else as we realize his reasons for finding her.  There is a lot going on in this short manga series.  You have vampires, vampire hunters, half breeds, and possible aliens.  You have to wonder what is going on in this story for all of that to be happening.  I understand the vamps, hunters, and half breeds, but the aliens seemed to be too much of a stretch for me.  It would have been a good story without that part; it wasn't even a major part of the storyline. The background and flashbacks held more of the manga than the Big Mortar part.  It would have been fine without that.  There series is so short (9 volumes) that it seemed like so much was trying to be forced into the volumes.  At the end of the last volume there are still questions and feels unfinished.

Pros: Great characters and character development in a short time
Cons: Too much into such a short series

Bottom Line:  It is a decent manga, despite the odd plot lines.

Rating 3 out of 5 stars.

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