Friday, June 24, 2016

Wild Thing by Kim Cormack

Lexy spent most of her life enduring the worst of the worst.  She learned to turn her emotions off and lived her life void of any feelings.  When she is found my Grey, she begins to learn how to feel and turn them off when she needs to become the Dragon.  For this reason, she is a ruthless killing machines all 3 clans want, but clan Ankh rescue her first.  Now she needs to enter the testing with Grey and Arrinna.  If they don't learn how to bring Lexy back from her Dragon, they may fail...The trio needs to become as one in order to survive.

After reading Cormack ' s previous three books in the Children of Ankh series,  I wanted a story on Lexy.  I  admit the beginning parts were difficult for me to read because I have a hard time with children being harmed, but that makes Lexy into the amazing character she is.  Cormack does an amazing job at painting a vivid picture of what happens without going into specific detail.   She can take a horrible act and create an atmosphere with it, without describing the act itself, we know it happened. 

As Lexy plays with kittens, talks about the farmhouse,  and gets closer to Grey and Arrinna, we see her evolving into a new character.  She becomes stronger, more human.  She makes connections and finds her "home."  Grey and Arrinna grow as characters throughout the story as well, Grey appears to become more compassionate and Arrinna becomes more confident in herself.  SO much happens in this book before, during and after the Testing.  We even see Lexy's side of Kayn story which I absolutely loved seeing.  I wondered what Lexy and some of the other member of Ankh thought during Kayn's trial.  Very nice touch!

I am excited for the next book, I am literally bouncing in my seat at the thought of a new book from Kim.  I give Wild Thing a 5 out of 5 even though I had a hard time with the subject matter in the beginning of the book.  Well done Kim! 

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