Friday, June 3, 2016

Sunborn Rising by Aaron Safronoff

Sunborn Rising by Aaron Safronoff is an epic tale for young teens.  It follows young Barra as she discovers her father's secret journals which then spurs her own curiosity of the forbidden Middles, and what lies beneath.  After finding a small creature with tar like substance on her wings, the young bups devise a plan to investigate the Middles and see what the Creepervine is doing to their beloved Umberwood.  But the children fall deeper into the Middles and find themselves in an area they have never been, it takes them beneath the Fall.  Will they not only be able to find their way home and save their home from this dangerous creature?

This a great story, very well written.  I love the courage and bravery of Barra.  She is adventurous and shows you can chase your dreams and discover new things, but also shows that sometimes when you leap before thinking, something bad could happen.  She has the loyalty and love of true friends which she returns.  Tory and Plicks are just as amazing characters as Barra.  I like how they each have different personalities and Safronoff shows that each personality has their strength and can accomplish the greatest of feats. Throughout the book there are illustrations depicting different scenes, these help the reader see what the author is visioning.  I love it when I came to one of the illustrations, I think some of my favorites where when the bups were speaking with Lootrinea.  She looked to be a beautiful creature and I could almost feel the same awe that the bups felt towards her.  Even as an adult I felt the suspense and anticipation at what will happen next to the children and whether or not they will make it home.

Safronoff paints a vivid picture and presents his readers with beautiful and unique characters.  This book became an instant favorite for me.  It is something that strays away from the classic fantasy tale.  It is filled with numerous elements that would entice a young reader to delve deeper into the story and eat up the story.  I can see this book encouraging children to read once again. Safronoff draws the readers in with his descriptions and the curiousness of Barra, and holds them captive through the action scenes such as Barra being chased by the Kudmoths or Jerrun attacking Barra.   Safronoff keeps the suspense going throughout the novel and keeps the readers guessing.  I tried to figure out what will happen next and was at every turn.

I am excited to see what Aaron Safronoff has in store of his readers in book two.  It is one of the stories that will bore itself into the memory of readers no matter how old.  I highly recommend this book for readers from ages 12 and up, or even as a story parents can read to their children.  I give this book a 4 out of 5 rating.  Great job Aaron.

** I received a copy of the book from the publisher for an honest review.  **

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