Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Survivors: Secrets

Title: Survivors: Secrets by Violet Cross
Media: ebook: Kindle

Rating: 4 out of 5

Recommendation: I would recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys post apocalyptic/survival stories.

Survivors is a survival story taking place after the apocalypse.  It follows the story of Lacey and her crew of survivors as they fight to regain items stolen from them by another crew.  As they do so, secrets are revealed.  Secrets that can change every and turn Lacey world upside down.

Medical experimentation has cause the beginning of the apocalypse.  Testing has caused some people to become super-human.  Those same people started killing those who were not altered, causing a sort of apocalypse.  Humans have run from major cities and are living a life of pure survival.  The "Divines" as the super humans are called, garner a "fee" from the humans for their survival.  Lacey is the leader of one of the small compounds outside the city.  They scavenge for food, artifacts (items of value that can no longer be found such as clocks, cameras, and anything else).  Out of the blue they are attacked by another crew, and all their artifacts are stolen.  Now Lacey acquires a small team to attack Plumber's army to regain their Artifacts.  Along they way they discover secrets and betrayals that could tear their team apart.  How will Lacey manage to keep her team, just that a team?

One of the things I liked right off the bat with this story was the beginning of the end story.  Most post apocalyptic stories have it happening from result of war, famine, meteor strike etc.  I haven't read a novel based on the apocalypse happening because of medical testing to cure diseases like cancer.  It added a unique quality to the novel straight from the get-go.  The rest of the story was well paced and interesting.  Some things were revealed that didn't make sense such as the Divine working with Plumber.  If the Divine feed off of Charlotte's aura or energy, how did Charlotte recover quickly enough to be among the crowd in Plumber's base?  Other than that I cannot find anything wrong with this novel.

The characters were well balanced and developed with strengths and flaws unique to each individual.  I liked the sarcastic nature of Lacey and the joking personality of Luke.  Both reminded me of people I know.  I honestly wanted more dialogue between the characters to get a better feel for their personalities.  Some things seemed a little predictable, but those are things that any avid reader would pick up on.  Things that would provide the reader with the "Woo I knew it!" thought.  A lot of people think predicting something is a bad thing, in this case it is not.  It gives a sense of excitement while you continue to read what happens next and how the other characters will respond to each secret that gets revealed.

The last few chapters felt like Miss Cross is beginning to set up things for another book.  The tension builds, drama increases even though you are on the downhill side of the climax.  The end is slightly frustrating, only because I didn't want it to end!  I turned the page to a note from Violet saying Lacey will return in another book.  So not fair Violet! 

**I was provided a copy of this book for an honest review**

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