Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Blood Faerie

Title: Blood Faerie by India Drummond
Media: E-book: Kindle

Rating 3 out of 5 stars
Recommendation: If you enjoy fantasy stories with faeries this is a good book for you.  It takes a different look at the mythical creature we all know so well.

Blood Faerie is the first book in the urban fantasy series Caldeona Fae.  It follows Eilidh as she struggles with deciding to do something right or remaining hidden from not only the home she ran from, but also the human world.  As well as a police constable whose dormant druidic powers begin to surface whenever he is around Eilidh.

Eilidh is a faerie who ran away from her kingdom because she was sentenced to death, even though she was innocent.  She escapes to a church in Perth, Scotland, where she thinks she is safe to hide.  That is until a murder happens close by, one she believes is committed by one of her kind.  Munro is a police constable tracking down a serial killer when he runs into a mysterious woman.  He finds it hard to believe the killer he is chasing is something supernatural.  Whenever he is around Eilidh, Mundo witnesses things, including his own dormant druidic powers awakening.

There are a lot of things that have gone into this story.  It is not only a fantasy novel, but also mystery, even a little romance.  There are times when it seemed as though the author didn't know which direction to take the story. The story jumped a lot between different themes/plots, although it was not difficult to keep track of the story.  It was slow to start, but the pace picks up quickly, almost too quickly to effectively tell the story.  Some things seem to get overlooked such as an accurate development of the characters and the relationship between them aside from a "magical bond." 

Drummond does a good job incorporation the mythos of the Faerie realm with a few innovations of her own, which is refreshing.  Too often authors rely completely on the mythos without creating their own characters.  The two main characters were developed nicely, but there was one character that got mentioned but never followed up on.  Readers are left wondering about this character.  The author does portray deep emotions, especially lose and sacrifice with Eilidh leaving her home.  The ending does draw the story to a close, but opens the story for the next book. 

While there were some things that deterred the novel from receiving a higher rating, it was a great story.  It had well develop plot and the characters were built nicely even if there were some you wanted more of (maybe in future novels?).  I would recommend it and I would continue to read the series to see where the story takes us.

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