Monday, August 31, 2015

One Little Lie

Title: One Little Lie by Steven Tyler
Media Source: Paperback
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Recommendations:  I would recommend this novel for those who like light mystery.  This isn't a murder mystery or one where people get threatened if they keep looking for something.  It is light hearted good novel.
One Little Lie is a mystery novel featuring Luna Susan George.  What a name!  Luna is working for her brother's private investigating firm when he goes on his honeymoon.  During that time a woman comes in asking for a pet detective. This is where the one little lie begins and becomes more lies after another.  Luna states she will take the case and begins to search for a rare cat worth roughly $2,000, what she finds is there is more going on in this household than the matriarch believes.  Someone is stealing the artwork.  Luna (who goes by Susan) spends the rest of the book trying to solve the mystery of the fake artwork almost forgetting about the cat.
 I admit I was not sure what to expect with this one once "pet detective" was mentioned, but it was a surprisingly good novel.  There was a lot of information on the art work mentioned showing the author did his homework on these pieces which is important when writing about such things.  He created an interesting character in Luna Susan.  While she seemed to be easily distracted she tried to remain on point.  How many of us have a hard time accomplishing that?  She struggles with keeping track of the little lies and manages to figure out both mysteries before time runs out.  Tyler wraps everything up nicely at the end and doesn't leave readers wondering what happened.
One Little Lie is a light airy mystery novel, almost reminiscent of The Cat Who novels I read when I was younger.  There isn't a mysterious murder or threats being made, but a genuine mystery of missing art work and a missing cat.  I did enjoy all the film noir mentions, it was a nice touch, almost as if Susan (or Luna) wished to be in one.  The novel isn't over the top or paced slowly.  Everything progressed naturally.  Steven did a good job with it and I am honored he allowed me to read and review his book.  If you enjoy mystery novels that don't rely on murder or threats being made, check out this novel.  It is was a pleasant read for a Saturday afternoon.
** Disclosure:  My Tyler provided me with a copy of the book for an honest review.  **

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