Monday, August 17, 2015

Infinite Sacrifice By L.E Waters

Title: Infinite Sacrifice by L.E Waters
Media source: Kindle
Rating 4 out of 5

Recommendation: This book is different from most other books.   It takes you on a journey through various time periods and opens your eyes to ideas you didn't think about.
Infinite Sacrifice is a novel that would be considered historical fiction, because it takes place in various different time periods.  It is a fiction novel focusing on the various lives of the main character.   I cannot give you a name or even a gender because it is different in each life.
The novel starts off with the main character entering a "holding area" if you will and is told they need to witness their previous lives before continuing on.  Then the lives begin.  We are taken through ancient Egypt to Sparta then we are off to Denmark and then London.  But that is only the beginning, there are two more books in the series.   Each life the main character is a different gender as are the secondary characters, but they all remain together in one way or another.
This novel takes an interesting look at reincarnation.   The idea that each life helps the soul learn a specific lesson is used as the basis in the story.   After a few lives,  readers can begin to pick up on what that lesson is.  The author does a fantastic job at creating multiple characters in each life that develop in their own ways.  I especially enjoyed the addition of a beloved pet following in the reincarnation process.  Do animals reincarnate?    It really got me thinking about reincarnation and things I didn't think about before such as each soul group always being together.  Like the thought that my friends and family could have been with me in previous lives.  It is an interesting idea.  One that I don't think is explored enough.

The novel is captivating as each life began I found myself wondering how each character will present itself and how each life will end.  The author includes a chart at the end of each life to help keep track of who is who and what their beacons are.  Beacons are described as a characteristic that remains with a soul throughout each reincarnation such as a mole, scar, or even color of one's eyes. I find it impressive to able to take a character and develop it through the story, while making it into other characters.

Walker does an outstanding job with this novel.  I have it in ebook format, I want to get this book and the other two in the series in paperback.  This novel has provoked many in depth conversations and discussions with friends in regards to the theory on reincarnation and how the soul needs to learn something in each lifetime.  I highly suggest this novel.<a href="">Infinite Sacrifice (Infinite Series Book 1)</a><img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />

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