Thursday, November 19, 2015

Order of Seven by Beth Telino

Order of Seven is a fantasy novel that follows teenage Devi Bennet as she strives to discover the truth behind her heritage.  She continues to have a reoccurring dreams that troubles her as well as being drawn to a specific tree, and to top it off a physic ability.  Everything changes when she discovers she is something called a rune and there is the possibility that there is no one else like her.  When she meet Baron there is a charge between them, and not any charge, electric energy.  Now Devi must rely not only on Baron, but also her brother; an empathy, and his best friend: a seer to  help her research and discover the meaning behind her powers and dreams.  Their quest leads them to an ancient legend of seven beings who with combined powers can help save the world from disaster.  Now it is a race against time to find the other runes and protect the world from on coming danger.  Can they accept their roles in this divine plan and be able to stop worldly disaster?

What can I say about this novel other than it was a fantastic read.  I enjoyed each of the characters individually, but I enjoyed Baron the best.  There is more of a mystery behind this character and I wanted more of him.  Devi is a complex character as well, though she seemed more pre-occupied with her relationship with Baron than she was with her powers and research.  Through the research the group performs, it is evident Beth did her own research and knew what she was writing about.

There is a multitude of description and details involved in this novel, but it does not get too overwhelming. If anything it makes readers want more from this fantastic author.  I honestly have not read a novel that compelled me to stay up through the night in order to finish quite like this one did.  This is a novel that weaves all the great elements of paranormal, ancient culture, and a little religion/philosophy thrown in.  This is done with such talent that she makes her readers want to learn more about the elements she includes.  There is not one point where you can predict what is happening, the whole story is suspenseful and enthralling.  Beth did a fantastic job with this novel, and I honestly hope there are more to come!  I rate this a 5 out 5 and recommend this to everyone who enjoys a good novel. 

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