Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Daemon's Mark by Caitlin Kittredge

A young teenage werewolf turns up murdered, Luna cannot rest until she finds the killer.  Her team (known as the Freak Squad") begin investigating a man who has been known to leave bars with young women.  What Luna didn't expect was the investigation to be tied to the Russian mob and human (or were) trafficking.  Quickly Luna finds herself ensnared by the very men she is trying to capture. 

I picked up this book based on the blurb on the back, it sounded so interesting and really drew me into the plot.  When I opened the book and started reading, I discovered the blurb on the back was not for this book!  How did that manage to get past editing?  I decided  to  give this book a chance  despite  the  error in the blurb.

I  was an able to get into this book, no matter  how  hard  I tried or how long I read.  I remained bored throughout the story.  The aspect  of human (or rather paranormal) trafficking  was forced.  It wasn't  at all what  I  expected from  the beginning of the novel.  It completely  strayed away from the original  story  of  finding  a murderer.  I understand  their trail lead to the trafficking, but it just didn't  seem to fit the atmosphere  of the novel.

Luna is a hard character  to get a handle on.  There are so many sides to her, you  don't  really  get deep into her character,  at least  that is the way it felt.  I don't  know  what  it was about  her, but I didn't like her as a main character.  Maybe if I had read a prior book or the actual  book I thought  I had bought  I would have felt different. 

Unfortunately, I couldn't  finish  the book acted in my world that is a travesty.   There are not many books that I couldn't  get through.  I just had to put it down and couldn't  come back.  Therefore I am sad to say I give this novel a 1.5.  It started out interesting, but went completely off base.

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