Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Kazuhiko is a former solider who is now a private investigator.  Kazuhiko has been given specific orders to pick up and bring in a rare being with extraordinary gifts, a "four-leaf clover" named Suu.  While this task seems simple and easy enough, it is anything but that.  There is a deeper, larger plot happening within this story which includes a shady governmental agenda, long lost love, and a long standing feud.  Everything that makes a story interesting and compelling right?

CLAMP does a fantastic job with this manga.  They continue with the elements that CLAMP is most known for - being primarily considered a female manga because of their appeal to emotions over action.  They appeal to the elements females find well..appealing.  Although I know several men who have also enjoyed the story of not only Clover, but also other CLAMP authored manga series. 

The artwork is stunningly beautiful, I mean look at the cover art.  The lines are fluid, the details are intense and the expressions throughout the pages match the mood and emotions the characters are experiencing.  The women of CLAMP seem to be experimenting with blank space in this manga series.  Typically we see clean lines between each sell, but in Clover, we see unique angling of the cell and usage of blank areas.  All this is good because the manga is fill to the brim with images and words, there is a break for the eyes to focus on for a moment or two.

The characters themselves are interesting and make readers want to know more about them, see more of them.  CLAMP experiments with technology a little bit within this manga, the characters can look completely normal and then have robotic wings the next as we see with Suu.  Suu is a unique character in that she is something that should not exists, something rarer than a four leaf clover.  A character of experiences a deep sense of sadness and loneliness.  It was really easy to relate to her as often times, I have felt the longing to belong somewhere as she does.

I would recommend this manga for any who is looking for something unique and interesting.  I give this manga a 4 out of 5 rating.  I wish there was more to it.  To me, it seemed to end abruptly and left several questions unanswered. 

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