Monday, September 7, 2015

Sweet Sleep

Title:  Sweet Sleep (Children of Ankh series book 1) by Kim Cormack.
Media source: Kindle
Rating 4.5 out of 5
Recommendation:  I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys fantasy novels.
Sweet Sleep is a young adult fantasy novel about a young girl who losses her entire family in one night.  When she recovers she finds out there is something special about her and her childhood best friend.  She struggles through accepting who she is and what her life will become.
Kayn and her twin sister couldn't be more different.  
Chloe has a way with boys almost magnetism,  whereas Kayn is virtually invisible except to her best friend Kevin.  Kayn and Kevin spend a large amount of time together and on one particular night Kayn begins feeling strange.   After having dinner with Kevin's family  she arrives home to something horrific.   She manages to run from the house only to pursued by the same man who slaughtered her family.   She is found severely injured. After months in a coma she awakens, and learns she is special.  Her and her sister are connected in more ways than one and supernatural clans will be looking for her. 
The clan Ankh has claimed Kayn as well as Kevin, who discovered he is a  powerful psychic. Members of the clan try to train Kevin and Kayn quickly for an oncoming battle for Kayn's life.  Along the way the groups discover many secrets; many increase the value of Kayn and Kevin's existences.  What will the future hold for these two young people?   Will they make it to Enlightenment and remain true to who they are?
This is an outstanding novel,  I didn't want to put it down.  Correction:  I couldn't put it down.  This is a longer novel, roughly 500 pages, but every one of those pages are needed.  Kim builds the story up in a way I haven't seen in  a long time.  She builds the back story  of Kayn and Kevin thus building the bond the have together as well as with Chloe.   I would have like a little more story on Chloe.   She was a big part of Kayn, but we don't know much about her personality and what else made her the darker one.  Readers get a small glimpse into not only Ankh but the other clans, I am sure the other novels will continue with the story of Ankh.
Kayn is an incredible character,   I wanted to see more of her fighting and using skills she has, but I am sure that will come in more novels.  I enjoyed the companionship built through the group of Ankh members as they train with Kayn and Kevin.  Readers see them bonding and becoming Kayn's family.    We see Kayn becoming stronger as well as the clan relying on each other for strength.   Where one was weak another was strong, portraying the importance of teamwork and working together.  I also enjoyed the idea of using crystals for healing and protection.   I hope to see more of that in other novels.  
I have a lot of high hopes for upcoming novels,  I cannot wait to begin reading Enlightenment, the second book in the series.  This is definitely a series that needs to be read.

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