Sunday, September 6, 2015

Hangman's Curse

Title: Hangman's Curse by Frank Peretti
Media Source: Hardback
Rating 4 out of 5

Recommendation: I would recommend this book to fans of Ted Dekker, as well as those who enjoy a good thriller, mystery with a slight hint of paranormal aspects to it.

Hangman's Curse is a young adult novel that touches on the realm of ghost stories and the supernatural.  It is the first volume in the Veritas Project series. 

The Springfield family work together as investigators for the Veritas Project, a secret project that searches for the truth.  When some teens shows signs of a strange illness, the family is called in to find out the truth behind the situation.  Three students are in the hospital with rumors of a ghost attacking them, a ghost controlled by another student.  On eat of their lockers is a mysterious carving of a hangman.  What is happening to these teenagers?  Is there an explanation to all of this or is there something more supernatural happening?

Frank Peretti has been one of my favorite authors for a while now, and this novel continues in true Peretti fashion and solidifies my admiration for his work.  I found myself completely captivated by this novel waiting for what would happen next, waiting to see who or what is behind the mysterious illness of the bullies of this school.  The overlying theme of the novel seems to be anti-bulling and students coming to the realization that their taunts and words are more harmful than they originally thought.  As well as the dangers of when those in authority turn a blind eye.

Peretti always has a way with presenting his story that keeps you on the edge of your seat, anticipating what will happen next, longing to find out what is the cause of things as well as who is behind it all.  He is able to put everything right in front of your eyes, but then still surprise you with the revelation.  His characters are complex and relatable. Elisha and Elijah are representations of someone you could be friends with.  Every school has an outcast like Ian Snyder just wanting to fit in as well as bullies like Jay Boltz.  The characters he creates elicit emotion and a sense of kinship with.

When all was revealed, I admit, I shuddered because it preyed on my own fears.  That in itself adds an effect to the story that other novels don't have because as I am squirming and twitching as I continue to read this novel to the end.  But I highly enjoyed the novel and suggest it to others.  I cannot wait to find the second novel in this series.  I want to see the wild ride Peretti plans to take us on.

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