Thursday, September 3, 2015

Daily Thyroid Routine

Title:  Daily Thyroid Routine by Jay Authore
Media Source: kindle

Rating 5 out of 5

Recommendation:  I would suggest anyone who wants a better lifestyle to check out this book; even if ypu don't have thyroid issues.

Jay Author provides a great deal of useful information in this book.  He presents it all in a way that is easy to read and understand.   He doesn't include a ton of medical jargon, he just puts it out there.  Because of this it is a very helpful book for those with or without thyroid issues.   At one point he quotes another book saying "Your body is the servant of your mind and has no choice but to obey your thoughts."  When I read that it hit me; my body often feels like crap because I put crap in it or do crap for it.  Some of the foods he talked about adding into your diet seemed a lot like foods for a gluten free diet, could there be a connection?  

Jay includes numerous helpful additions such as a diet plan, recipes, even a chapter on sleep.  I think it was great that Jay included a chapter on sleeping which included position you sleep in as well as pillows used.  Too often we don't realize how we position ourselves during rest affects our bodies as well.  The recipes are a wonderful addition. There are some I want to try tonight with my family.   They are helpful in explaining the diet and showing ways of substituting one thing for something else. 

Jay Author does a fantastic job with this book.  While I don't have thyroid problems right now, this book gives me ideas on things I can do to help have better thyroid health.

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