Sunday, June 8, 2014


We all know the classic tale of Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf.  This tale however a different take on that classic tale.  One of the biggest things I did not like was that the ending to the book was not included.  Why read a book if you cannot get the ending?  Why buy an incomplete book?  It doesn’t make sense.

After Valerie’s sister is killed, her world spirals out of control.  The wolf has been kept at bay for generation with a sacrifice each month.  But we all know that no one is ever safe, the desire for a kill is never satisfied with a mere goat.  After a professional wolf hunter arrives in the village, they all learn that the wolf creature is one of them.   How can they tell who the beast is?  Unfortunately for Valerie, she can hear the voice of the wolf; who tells her she needs to sacrifice herself or else everyone she holds dear will die.  What will Valerie decide?  Will she find out who the wolf truly is?

Unless you go to the website and read the last chapter there, you will not find out the answer to those questions.  Not being able to read the end of the book is probably the biggest downfall and let down to the book.  It makes me glad I borrowed the book from the library instead of purchasing it.  That aside, the story was well written and an interesting take on the tale of Little Red Riding Hood.  You don’t know what to expect to happen in the story or where the storyline is going to take you.  The love story seemed a little out of place at first but then starts to make sense as you get closer to the end and formulate your own theories. 

Henri seems a little out of place in the story.  He seems to try a little too hard to get Valerie to notice him and accept his proposal for marriage.  Peter is just the brooding character that at times pushes Valerie away, but then turns around and tries to pull her close.  He is a very confusing character, but one that you cannot help but like.  Valerie you can’t help but like.  She is an ordinary girl who struggles with love and the uncertain.  The story itself kept you wanting to read more, kept you hanging unable to put it down.  There always seemed to be something around the corner waiting to happen, and I am sure the authors wanted it that way.  It gives the feel that the village is being watched and is waiting for the right time to pounce.

Pros: Interesting take of an old story
Cons: No ending, need to go online to read the end

Bottom Line:  It is an interesting tale if you like a different spin on classic stories.  It is very different from what we know.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars, simply because there is no ending in the book.

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