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I have to say this author is one of my favorites, I am on a mission to get every single one of his books.  He has a dynamic within his books that are like no other.  I admit I read this book before I began the Circle Trilogy.  You are supposed to be able to begin the series with any one of the four books and it all loops together, but I think you can only start it with either Green: book 0 or Black: Book 1.  That being said, I enjoyed reading this book as a prequel.  It set the idea of what would be going on and explained a little bit about the world Tom Hunter goes into before being thrown into it with Black, even though Black does a great job of describing things.

The basis is that Thomas Hunter can travel between two worlds through his dreams, our world and another,each having an affect on the other.  In Green the Circle in Thomas' world is collapsing because Elyon (God figure) has not been present for years.  Things get worse when Thomas' own son Samuel begins to doubt his father and the faith they held onto and the temptations of both world begin to pull and tug at him.  He goes to the point of gathering forces to fight Thomas in a battle that could destroy the Circle and possibly their own world.

Green has it moments that makes you wonder how it fits in with the other books, and motivates readers to go out and get the series to see how everything loops around in a full circle.  There isn't as much descriptive segments as readers are used to with Ted Dekker's works.  It may seem there is references to vampire folk-lore in this novel with some of the evil characters having aspects of drinking blood.  With this series and others there is a sense of the world being made flesh, meaning the evils and goods of the world are given physical manifestations.

For me Ted is known to make his readers think about their own lives and while I read this I took a look at my own life and wondered what aspects do I doubt and how it could harm my own walk with God.  One thing I love about Ted Dekker and his writing is that his characters fall in deep valleys of struggling and despair.  That happens in a daily walk with God so why shouldn't his characters experience the same things?

Pro:  Hooks you into the story from the beginning.
Con: Different style than some of Dekker's other novels

Bottom Line:  Personally I enjoyed this book and can't wait to read the other books in the series.

Rating 4 out of 5 stars.

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