Monday, June 23, 2014


Can you imagine what it would be like if the world of television was overtaken by the gods and goddesses of all the different pantheons?  What would the shows be like with these gods and goddesses running them and/or even starring in them?   Well you will find out in TV Gods, a collection of short stories written by a group of talented authors with interesting ideas on how these deities would effect television as we know it.
There are some stories that became my favorites off the bat: Hades Acres is one of them.  Many of us remember Green Acres; country boy marries uptown city girl and takes her out the country and hilarity ensues.  This version has a new take on Hades and Persephone after they have married, before he agrees to let her leave the underworld during the summers.  It even has its version of the opening theme right before the story begins.  I admit I sang the song. It is a funny take on how Persephone convinced Hades to let her out of the Underworld.  Imagine the River Styxx a pretty pink!  Some other stories I honestly forget their titles (I apologize).  One revolves around an episode of Law and Order the characters could hear and get annoyed with the ‘Doink doink” that we all associate with the show.

It was evident that the authors of each story did their homework and knew personalities that have been associated with the deity they used for their story, right down to the story that involved various creatures and spirits like a Kitsune.  Each story was so well done that while they each had their own style and themes, the stories each flowed together in a way that I have not seen in other collections with multiple authors.  You will find yourself wanting to read the next story and the next until you realize that you finished the book in one sitting.
Pros: Many different stories, but the all flow together.  Interesting take on different deities.
Cons: Slight, small grammatical errors, easily to look pass them.

Bottom Line:  BUY THIS BOOK
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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