Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Born of Ice is the third book in Kenyon's The League series, beginning with Born of Night, and Born of Fire.  In this novel we look into the life of Devyn Kell.  Thoughout his life her served as doctorto the League until he came face to face with the backstabbing that cause innocent people to lose their lives.  Dev pledges to not fall into the ruthless acts of the League and becomes a runner; one who supplies planets with supplies they need to survive, and fight.  He is not known to have mercy on those who come in way.  On the other hand ins Alix who is being forcedto find evidence to bring Devyn down, she begins to work for him and finds out everything she heard about him is wrong.  She finds the one man she an respect and possibly love.  But her past and his enemies rear their ugly heads and threaten their very lives.  Devyn and Alix can either fight together or die on the own.

Sherrilyn opens the door to a whole new world with The League series. A world where assassins rule the universe and don't care whose life is lost in the mean time.  She paints a ruthless world where one needs to constantly watch their backs in order to survive, and forget about trusting other people.  Again she creates characters that readers find it hard not to fall in love with and have compassion for them.  Her writing is very vivid and descriptive.  I have been anxiously waiting for another installment to the League series.   Her characters in both series: Dark Hunters and The League seem to have some of the same characteristics such as appearing to be a "bad boy" and a sense of danger to them and of course beyond  sexy and desireable.  Born of Ice is full of action with the fights with the League, Alix's past coming back to haunt her, as well as the romance between Alix and Devyn. Definitely an amazing book to read before bed.

Pros: Memorable characters, storyline you don't want to stop reading
Cons: Nothing at all

Bottom Line: Compelling story needs to be added to any romance collection
Rating 5 out of 5 stars

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