Friday, December 16, 2016

Unexpected Gifts

Andi has endured on of the hardest years of her life.  She lost her baby and her boyfriend left, leaving her facing her grief and pain alone.  When the Christmas plans turn out less than expected she takes a ski resort up on it's complimentary offer to stay for an extended time.  Upon arrival she discovers they do not have a room for her.  Colin is an attractive acquaintance, who offers a room in his villa.  After mentioning she hated Christmas, Colin makes it his mission to make Andi enjoy Christmas once more.  The two begin to fall for one another and Colin begins to think he just might be able to change his playboy ways and have a relationship with Andi.  When the resort needs someone to help plan their big Christmas party, Andi steps up and fulfills then need calling in her partner to help with the planning.  Everything seems to be going perfectly for Andi, that is until Blaine shows up and changes things.  Where will Andi's heart take her; into the arms of Colin, or back to the man who left her in her time of need?

It wouldn't be Christmas without a review of a Christmas novel.   Normally I would not go for a sappy love story like this one, but I decided to step outside the comfort zone and read something new.  And I admit, I kind of like the sappy love story.  It was well written and the reader really gets a strong feeling for Andi and her lose.  I wanted to cry at her heartache at losing the baby and got angry at Blaine for what he did (won't give away spoilers!)  I loved the setting of a mountain lodge which will be the setting for future novels.  I love how Aitken developed the relationship between Colin and Andi rather than them immediately jumping into bed together.  She even has Andi develop a rule of no sex on the first date AND Colin respecting that.  Which seems to be hard to find now-a-days.

A lot happens in this short novel that drags the reader into Colin and Andi's story. It leaves readers wanting more, and I was a little disappointed to find out that the next novel would not have the two lovers as the characters.  I was hoping to see their relationship develop and grown beyond their time at the lodge.  It almost felt like the book ended too quickly.  Aitken did a wonderful job at creating the romance and bond between her characters, she made it so I could feel the connection from them.  Almost made me wish I could find something like what they had, almost jealous!  I finished this book within 5 hours or so, I couldn't put it down once I began reading it.

I highly recommend this novel for those who love a good romance novel, and for those who want a good novel to test the waters with.  I would give this a 4 out 5 simply because it ended too quickly and I would love more from this couple.  I will definitely be checking out more novels from Elena Aitken.

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