Saturday, December 10, 2016

A Woman of Strength and Purpose

As a strong-willed woman, you meet the world head-on, undeterred by those who say something can’t be done. When applied in the right ways, your God-given passion produces clear-eyed purpose, deep compassion, and a bold spirit that can change the world. But sometimes your determination leads to misunderstandings and fractured relationships.

Sometimes people view a strong-willed or determined woman to be overwhelming, competitive, even intimidating. Cynthia Tobias take that strong will and shows woman how we can turn it into something positive, something that draws people towards us rather than away.  She stresses the idea that when you add God to a strong willed woman she will be able to move mountains to so to speak.  She will be able to walk bravely and accomplish things that others may shy away from. 

Tobias uses her writing style to help women learn how to use their strong-willed nature to overcome their weakness and become strong women of God while forming solid relationships with those around them.  This is a quick and easy read, a couple of hours or  a day if you really delve deep into what Tobias is telling her readers.  I enjoyed how she pointed everything back to God and how to turn that natural instinct into a passion for Christ.  There are also discussion questions at the end for small groups or personal development as you read the book.

Something I did enjoy most was as a meak-willed woman, I learned some ways to become more outgoing and stronger willed in my pursuit of Christ.  I think this book is perfect for every woman to read whether she is strong willed or not.  I give the book a 4 out of 5 because it did make me really think about what was going on in my own life and how I can change that.

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