Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hyde by. Lauren Stewa

 Eden is a kind, loyal, sweet woman simply trying to escape her demons.  She doesn't lie, cheat, or anything else that would trigger the monster, especially not waking up in a random man's bed.  But that is exactly what happens, and the scariest part is that Eden doesn't remember how she got into his bed.  She begins having flashbacks to people and places she doesn't remember and the one person who could have the answers is the man who's bed she woke up in.  Mitch has his own demons he battles on a regular basis.  He struggles to keep people at bay and goes out of his way to try and avoid Eden's attempts for answers until he finds out that she faces the same demons he does.  They both think what they are battling within is something they were born with, not something that was created and controlled within.  Nor do they know they are being manipulated into different scenarios.  Where will this take them, will both Mitch and Eden learn how to control the beasts within.

Okay so this is supposed to be a take on the Jekyll and Hyde story, but isn't marketed as a re-telling.  While there are other amazing reviews of people loving this book, I do not share their enthusiasm for this book.  While I did find it a good read, and full of potential there were points where the book had lost me.  The book took a long time to progress and develop, the characters while interesting and seemingly complex they fell short of believable.  Some of the transition points felt choppy and difficult to move on.  It left me with more questions than answers.  For example had did Mitch and Eden be chosen for what they are?   Why did Mitch know what he was but Eden not know?

Regardless of the points where the book fell short for me it was an interesting story and not what I was expecting at all. Honestly I am still not sure how i feel about this book.  It is the first in the series so I am willing to read the other books to see where the story goes and if some of the questions I have get answered.  I am going to give this a 3 out of 5 stars because there were moments when I wondered what the heck was happen and how things were progressing the way they were.

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