Friday, October 28, 2016

Tree Spirited Woman

This was a short little book, easily read within an hour or two, that focuses on many aspects of life that we struggle with on a daily basis.  It tells of one woman's meetings with a woman who referred to herself as Tree Spirited Woman.  The narrator(author) spends time with this woman learning her wisdom and knowledge she accumulated throughout the years.  It is a book that makes you look at your own spiritual journey and wonder how you can turn away from the negative things in your life or negative outlook on this and find positive gentle ways of dealing with them such as death and heartache.

While a lot of the things mentioned in this book are things that we have heard before in other forms, but this one puts it in a story format and addresses the ideas in a new light and encourages readers to think about these things differently than they previously have in the past.  I know it has made me rethink some things.  This is one of those books that you will re-read in the future and learn something new each time you pick it up. 

I found it to be a fantastic book to read and enjoyed it.  I am glad I picked it up on an impulse.  I believe I will be reading it again in the near future and see what else I can pick up from it.  I will give this lovely little book a 4 out 5 rating because I actually wish it was longer.

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