Monday, October 24, 2016


Graylee was a typical high school student.  Dressed in her own style, tried to do well in school while remaining somewhat invisible.  What makes Graylee special is that she has magical powers, as does her twin sister and several other students in the school, but they are skilled at keeping their gifts a secret.  Graylee was once one of the most gifted among her coven, until one day her gift started to mysteriously not work as well.  Then suddenly and unexpectedly Gray passes away, and through the loving attempts of her mother to get her back, Gray ends up sharing the body of her twin sister.  Every other day Graylee is herself and the other days she is her sister.  The days when she is herself she strives to find out the answers to her death and magic.  The answer is not something she expecting and shakes her to her core.

I was hooked on this book straight from the beginning.  It was really unpredictable and found myself genuinely surprised at the end.  Jefford tells a great tale of magic and the bonds of friendship and dangers of jealousy among those with magic.  Entangled is the first book in a series and I will be sure to read the other books to see what happens to Graylee and her sister Charlee.  I loved the character of Graylee and could see myself being friends with her in high school, Charlee is the exact opposite of Graylee and Jefford does a fantastic job at distinguishing between the two girls once they begin sharing a body.

There is a lot happening in this book that sets the stage for future books.  It is a great start the series and gets readers interested in the storyline.  I am excited to see what else will happen to Gray in the future books.  I would recommend this to young adults and mature adults who enjoy a good fantasy novel.  I could also see this novel being made in a movie gaining a strong fan-base.  The rating, is a 3.5 out of 5 because I think Jefford could have done more with the character of Raj and made him a little more bad-ass rather than the brooding young man with a crush on Gray.

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