Monday, August 22, 2016

Heloise All Around The House

About a week and half ago my beloved Gramma had passed away.  She was a spitfire of a woman who was deeply devoted to God.  One of the many things she and I had in common was our love for reading.  Among the items that was given to me of hers, as a large amount of books.  Some I will review in honor of her. 

The first one I started reading is Heloise.   I  remember seeing this book or at least one like it in my house growing up, but never read it because we'll as a kid it didn't interest me.  But now as a woman in my 30's I wondered if there are tips that are helpful today.  The answer is Yes.  Yes there is.

There are so many helpful tips with humor added in ranging from getting gum out of hair and dishwashing tips to how to save potatoes from shriveling and saving your razor from rusting.  A lot of these tips, I never thought of trying.  I kept thinking why didn't I try that?    This reminded me of those "Daily life hacks" videos is see on social media all the time.  Who would have thought a popular trend today started in the 60's with books like Heloise!

I absolutely loved reading this and will be sure to try some of the ideas presented in the book.  I recommend it if you like learning new ways to do things, ideas to re purpose things, cleaning ideas and more.  I'm not going to give the book a rating for various reasons.  But will say it is a good addition to book shelves.  I love that this is one of the many ways I can remember Gramma and keep her close.

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