Friday, March 4, 2016

Mind Thief by David Nelson

Mind Thief by Darrell B. Nelson is a sci-fi, mystery, historical fiction novel all rolled into one. The story follows Howie Brown, an 18 year old college student participating in a psych study at school. What he doesn’t know is that the study is affecting his memories. Howie struggles to discover the reason behind these new-found memories.

Howie recently started having vivid dreams where he is someone else interacting with various historical figures, but not as himself. While waiting for an appointment with a therapist he meets “the hottest girl he ever met:" Vivian. Over the course of a few weeks, his world is turn upside down and inside out. His life becomes a whirlwind of emotions, a lot of sex, unexplainable dreams, betrayal, and revelations. Howie quickly goes from being a shy freshman to having two gorgeous women vying for his attention, never mind the fact that when he dreams, he becomes Joe Harriman. Howie and Vivian become determined to unearth the truth behind his vision, as well as what it is that Harriman is planning. Together they work to stop the man who is invading Howie’s memories and battle to keep each other sane.

There are elements in this novel that remind me a lot of Land Of The Living by James Pinard.  Both have someone who seem to travel into someone else, but Pinard's novel has the main character traveling to himself.  Both novels have someone who is out to manipulate each character's powers and use them for their own purposes.   What is interesting is how the two novels are very similar, they have their own unique elements and special qualities that make them stand apart.  I found both novel very interesting and compelling to read.  Mind Thief is a novel that challenges the idea of someone else being able to manipulate your memories, how scary is that??

Mind Thief is a mixture of unpredictability and predictability. Readers can predict how the characters are going act and react to a situation. This is because Nelson develops them so well it becomes easy to guess how they would respond to something. Some things seemed to be far-fetched such as Howie being able to use the skills Joe has through memories. It isn’t so far-fetched that Howie can perform martial arts because of those memories, but to be able to fly a Learjet without problems seems too unreal. Other things seemed to be taking the element overboard such as Howie and Vivian having sex on top of Debbie. That takes things too far even in this novel.

While I enjoyed reading this book, it is not one that I would normally gravitate to, it does not fit my typically reading. The use of sex, innuendos, and things of that nature went to the extreme, and I especially have a hard time reading books that over use these things. I would recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys stories dealing with mind control, mystery, history, and don’t mind reading a lot of sex scenes to get to the end goal.  As for a rating I will give Mind Thief a 4 out of 5.  Check it out, it will definitely challenge your ideas on mind control.

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