Friday, March 25, 2016

Doorknob Society by MJ Fletcher

The Doorknob Society by MJ Fletcher is the first book in his Doorknob Society series.  It is the story of Chloe Master's as her life is turned completely upside down by simply touching a doorknob.  Chloe grew up traveling with her father's magic act after her mother had vanishes.  Almost out of no where a mysterious man in black makes an attempt on Chloe's father's life, while fleeing from this man Chloe touches a doorknob which activates dormant powers.  She is thrust into a world filled with secret societies.  Chloe's fear of losing what is left of family comes true when her father mysteriously disappears like her mother.  Now Chloe must race against time to find him and bring him home.  Is there anyone in this new world whom she could trust? 

This book was fairly well written, there were several moments that were predictable including the ending.  There didn't seem to be anything unique in the story, sure the plot development and plot line are unique, but the elements involved are typical of most modern young adult books.  In most YA novels we see a love triangle got that here, or an inept secret society got that too. The romance in this story got to be confusing, one moment Chloe is complaining about how she is not ready for a relationship, then the next she is thinking she is so broken and needs someone to help put her back together.  Couldn't she make up her mind?  I understand this character is a teenager and they don't know fully what they want, but after a few chapters this theme got to be a little too overpowering and annoying.  It begins to take away from the overall feel of the story.

I found the doorknob society interesting and think there was a lot of potential in the idea that was not explored as much as it could have been.  Maybe that will come in future novels in the series.  The system of magic contained in this novel is intriguing and makes me look forward to future novels in this series. While there were things that seemed a bit cliche and predictable there was enough in the novel to make it flow well and keep me captivated as I read.  There were moments when I did not want to put the novel down.  I would recommend this novel for young adults, but I think avid readers past the young adult age may not enjoy this novel as much.  As for a rating I would give this novel a 3.5 out of 5.  I do look forward to seeing where Fletcher will take this story.

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