Friday, July 29, 2016

Confluence 2016

This weekend is the annual Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Conference in Pittsburgh.  Unfortunately I  am  unable to attend all weekend, but I was able to come out on Friday afternoon and enjoyed some quality time with authors Chris Paisano and Brian Koscienski.

Once at the convention, the dealers room area was my first stop which was filled with glorious book deals and amazing authors.  I have some pictures and memories.  I had the honor to listen in on a couple readings from the duo as well as Kari Maaren whose book is set to release next year and a few other interesting authors.  I need to make note of these authors and their books, everything  sounds so interesting and entertaining.

I am sure the rest of the convention will be just as fun and exciting,especially the panel on HP Lovecraft which was fun last year.  I  look forward to exciting activities through the rest of the night and next year's convention.

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