Monday, May 23, 2016

Eve by W.M Young.

"Lilly, fairy tales and myths are born inside imagination's storehouse; just because something is considered to be 'a story ' doesn't mean it isn't true."

Eve tells the story of Lilly after she was found in a shipping container, broken and frozen.  Through tests and healing processes from The  HEalers and Scholars, it is discovered that Lilly has the genetic make-up of every race known to man, meaning that she is literally THE daughter of Eve: Mother of the Living.  Through dreamlike states Lilly meets with Eve and is invited to witness the truth about her life, and in turn the truth of all life.  No one who is connected to Lilly could know what her survival could mean for everyone.

I highly enjoyed Young's previous novel The Shack, so I was excited when I seen he had published a new book.  I have to say I am slightly disappointed in this novel.  I am not entirely sure of what I was expecting when I was reading this book.  It is supposed to be a look at the creation story, and I think I expected something along the lines of the Shack, but it wasn't.  Sure there were moments when Lilly meet with Eve in the Garden of Eden and witnessed things, but it wasn't her walking alongside God discussing these things or even really discussing them with Eve.  Yes she questions and wonders about things, but I don't feel like it went as in depth as it could have.

There are things that are mentioned throughout the book, but nothing is done with them such as Lilly being a Witness, what does that mean, how does that play into her understanding of God and His love?  She is also referred to as Lillith several times throughout the novel.  This is never explained.  There is folklore that Eve was in fact Adam's second wife and Lilith was his first, but would not submit to him, and was abolished.  Knowing this lore makes the references to her being Lilith very confusing, if she is the daughter of Eve, she cannot be Lilith.  So what is the significance to her being called this?  What is significant of Lilith, or is Young trying to confuse readers?

I found the writing in this novel to be boring and dull.  There were moments I had to stop because it was too strenuous to continue reading.  I admit I have tempted to read this book several times and needed to walk away each time.  It pains me to admit that a book had this effect, especially one from an author that I have previously admired.  Sadly I give this book a 1.5 out of 5 star rating.  I would recommend The Shack, but I do not think I would recommend Eve.

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