Friday, January 22, 2016

Sisters Red

Sister's Red by Jackson Pearce follows sisters Scarlet and Rose as the hunt wolves that are preying on the young women in the area.  They soon realize the wolves of various packs are gathering for something bigger, The Potential: a man who has the potential to become a wolf.  Now the sisters along with their friend Silas, go searching for the potential to try and bring the packs down.

Sisters Red is a modern spin on Little Red Riding Hood.  Her name is Scarlet and as a young girl she protected her younger sister from the wolf resulting in her own body being scared and the loss of her eye.  Now the girls are older, in their late teens and have become hunters as they hunt the beasts, alongside the woodsman's son.  They overhead a pack of wolves discussing a man called a potential.  The girls and Silas go in search of this potential while trying to diminish the wolf population.  What they discover along the way is startling and difficult to accept.  Will Scarlet and Rose be able to do what is needed when the time comes?  Will a man come between two sisters?  

I have gotten into a phase of  reading modern fairy tales.  This one drew me in because of the cover art, I found it appealing and beautiful.  The story on the other hand had a lot of potential, but seemed to fall short.  It almost became too predictable and easy to figure out the "surprising plot twist."  Though I can see why the novel would be appealing to others as it has all the elements of a fantastic story.  We see Little Red Riding Hood as if she grew up after surviving a wolf attack.  Jackson Pearce does have a talent for storytelling and developing a compelling story.  I wanted the reason behind the potential being so special to be something special, it felt like the idea has been done before.

Pearce tries to keep everything a mystery, but doesn't include other elements that would lead readers astray as far as the twist goes.   He has a great writing style of splitting the story into two parts, sections told by Scarlet and sections told by Rose.  I almost wanted a section or two from Silas' point of view towards the end as he becomes more of a focal point. 

I would recommend this for anyone who enjoys fairy tales with a modern twist, while it had moments of predictability and cliche's, it was still a fantastic book to read.  I would also recommend this book for young adults, maybe not so much adults in their 30's as we tend to expect more from our stories, maybe that is why I was able to figure out the secrets.  Overall I would give this novel a 3 out of 5 rating.  I do look forward to see what Jackson Pearce has in store for us next.

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