Sunday, May 31, 2015

Plant Nation

Plant Nation Cookbook by Kim Campbell
Media: Paperback; won through Goodreads
Rating 5 out 5 stars.

Recommendation:  This is a great addition to any kitchen cookbook shelf.  I don't think you need to eat a vegetarian or vegan diet to enjoy this cookbook.

The Plant Nation cookbook is a companion piece to the documentary of the same name.  It is an encouragement to eat plants.  This cookbook provides excellent recipes to achieve that goal.  People tend to think meat and fat based meals need to be a staple, but this cookbook proves that theory wrong.  The images of eat recipes simply make your mouth water with anticipation.  Many of the recipes included are things I never thought to try, and can't wait to get into my kitchen to create.  There are excerpts from the documentary included as well to help give a little more education of plant-based living.  Fascinating read.

As someone who needs to be gluten free this cookbook provides many wonderful recipes that are delicious and will help me adhere to my diet.  Vegetables and other plants are not things to sneer at and be afraid of.  Embrace the goodness of plants and utilize this amazing gem to achieve this goal.  If you are a lover of cooking, eating, and food in general then this needs to be added to your shelf.

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