Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Heliocentric by J.W Lolite
Media: E-book: Kindle
Rating 4 out of 5

Heliocentric takes place two months after the novel, Circumsteller, ends.  Ingrid, Ty and their companions have already saved the gate keeper and protected the world from the Anikda from reaching out from the shadows.   But that does not mean these aliens will not make an attempt again.  In the midst of training and learning how to use each of their abilities, Ingrid and her friends begin their search for the remaining keystones and lockkeepers, so that they may have an upper hand against the Anikda for when they attack once again.    Their task will not be easy with various obstacles in their way including nosy law enforcement, frightened parents, and teenage drama.  Through all the obstacles being thrown at them, will everyone be able to overcome their own distractions to work together to defeat those who threaten the existence of the world they live in?

J. W. Lolite is a remarkable storyteller.  The beginning of the book has Ingrid reflecting on the events that happened two months and in those months leading to the start of Heliocentric.  This not only refreshes reader’s memory, but also sets the stage for what will transpire in this novel.  The story is highly descriptive, but not in a way that is overbearing.  When Master Meissa is introduced, rather than simply describing her general features, Lolite describes the movement of her green robed clocked hand as she holds the railing to lifting a cigarette to her mouth.  That presents the image of someone with elegance and poise.  With the character of Ryuji, Lolite adds in Asian influences with the legends and folklore he speaks about and his references to every with san or kun after their names to show respect and formality.  But with Ingrid he doesn’t use those titles because he considers her a close personal friend. This characteristic of Ryuji gives him the appearance of being a wise sage, could he possibly become a Master? Guess readers will have to read more to see.  

One interesting element of the story is the character development.  Rather than focusing on inner thoughts and actions, characters are developed through their interactions with each other.  In the beginning of the story there is hatred and conflict between Kaira and Ingrid, but as they interact and Kaira becomes Ingrid’s mentor, things change.  They evolve from hating one another to learning to become a team and respect each other for their differences.  Readers really see the characters struggling with things throughout the novel.  Heliocentric is full of twists and turns, readers never know what will happen next.  Everything flows perfectly together; nothing seems to be choppy or rushed along, very well written. 

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