Monday, June 8, 2015

Everybody Has A Story

Everybody has a Story: Audrey Lewis
Media: Ebook: Nook
Rating 3.5 out 5 stars

This book is a collection of stories that focus on human behavior and the impact of life events, memories and experiences.  The stories range from displaying the frailties of human behaviors and the shortcomings we may have, the struggles some people go through as well as stories with hope and inspiration.  There didn't seem to be a connection between the stories.  It just goes from one story to another with a poem or artwork in between.  Each of the stories are nothing like what they seem.  They tells powerful stores of human behavior and actions.  One tends to wonder how they would react in the same situations.

One of the creepier stories, and probably my favorite one is "Closet" where a mother struggles with connecting with her daughter so seems too disconnected.  The daughter, Lexi, acts and makes statements that scare her mother who is unsure of how to act or react.  Quickly find out the true intentions of why Lexi experiments with bugs and nerve gas.  It is an incredibly interesting tale Lewis weaves.  Other stories like "Have You Heard Her Sing"  are beautiful tales of finding beauty in the most unexpected places.  Audrey Lewis does a wonderful job with this collection and I hope to read more from her.

Recommendation:  I would recommend this to someone who enjoys short stories and intense feelings involved in the stories.

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