Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Brightwater Athena


Brightwater Athena by Ellen Brady Finn
Media source: Paperback
Rating 3.5 out of 5 stars.

After Athena's father passes away she learns she has inherited a nearly priceless piece of art, a statue.  She discovers a secret past to the item she now owns, and that there are others who claim the rights to owning this beautiful work of art.  Athena struggles with knowing who she should and should not trust, one of those being the man she has fallen in love with.  Athena is unexpectedly thrown into the theft of the heirloom and now must run for her life.  A journey that takes across the ocean to Greece.  There she gets some answers to questions she's been longing to discover.

This novel was very well written and the author obviously knew the subject material very well.  She created characters you as the reader didn't know if you could should like or dislike.  There was a dynamic between the characters which drove the story forward more so than the dialogue or descriptions.  It was a very well written novel, although some things did seem a little predictable. I enjoyed the amount of archeology that went into the story.  It showed the author knew what she was writing about.  The various artifacts and places she mentioned and described were done so well that I wanted to visit these places and see the items. 

It was a great book to read on a rainy afternoon.  The novel itself is a whirlwind of action even if you don't realize it at the time.  You as the reader are spirited away to one city after another.  You are unsure if you should trust this character or not, almost as if you are Athena herself.  It is those kinds of nothing that make reading enjoyable for me and make me want to read more from the author.  I definitely want to read more from Ellen Finn.

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