Thursday, April 9, 2015

Real books...

Do you set yourself goals for how many books you want to read throughout the year, month or even week?  If so, do others think it odd to set yourself this kind of a goal?

I have set myself a goal of reading 85 books this year which could be anything from a cookbook to one of the Game of Thrones novels.  Whenever I mention this to someone I get an odd look like it is something strange to set yourself this kind of a goal.  Or I will have someone tell me a particular book such as manga or a cookbook should not count towards this goal because they are "not real books."  What do you think on that?  Is there such a thing as a "real book?  What makes a book real and another book not real?

Is it a matter of personal preference, one's own opinion on whether or not something is a book?  I know some people wouldn't consider a comic book a book, but then would turn around and say a graphic novel is.  Where does one draw the line?

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