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All Tessa wants is to be with her brother once again.  She crosses the ocean from New York to London to be with him, but once she gets off the boat she is kidnapped.  She finds London is full of all kinds of horrifying things, but she doesn’t know exactly what until she finds out she is a Downworlder, and there is a world of paranormal creatures she knew nothing about until now.  She learns through torture and hardship that she can turn herself into another person, at will, and a mysterious man known as the Magister wants her for some unknown reason.  She is rescued by the Shadowhunters and now works with Will, Jem, Charlotte and Henry to find out what happened to her brother, what she is, and who exactly is the Magister and what does he want from her.  There are a few twists in the story that make you wanting more.

True to Clare-style this novel is filled with vivid images and compelling characters.  There are some of the characters we remember from the Mortal Instruments such as Magnus Bane.  William Herondale is slightly mentioned in the Mortal Instruments and his importance to Magnus Bane, we are introduced to Will in this novel.  I was excited to see Clare taking a few characters she talked about in a previous series and continue to use them in another series.  I am hoping we see more of Magnus Bane throughout this series.  The character of Tessa starts out as a little whiney, but given her circumstances I would be whiney as well.  She grows throughout the novel into a powerful woman intend on protecting those she cares for at all costs.  Clare does an excellent job at developing her characters at an even pace, giving a little information here and there.  Even to satisfy the audience, but not too much to give everything away; she leaves mystery to her characters.

Clockwork Angel has its moments of dullness, where it seems to drag on to the next scene.  But with that being said the scenes Clare creates are well done.  While sometimes they seem dull and to drag, it’s because the rest of the book has so much going on that when there are mundane moments at dinner, it seems uneventful.  But those moments are essential to the storyline.  Clare takes her time developing the story and the characters a like.  One thing I enjoyed was there was a lot of references to classic literature such as Shakespeare and Dicksons.  That added to the Victorian atmosphere that Clare was trying to establish throughout the novel.  In the beginning Tessa is a proper lady worried about how a lady should act and present herself, but she loses that throughout the novel as she grows as a warrior.  I was overjoyed with this novel and cannot wait to begin reading the next one.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

Final Review: there are a lot of the same elements in this novel as in the Mortal Instrument series.  That can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your thoughts.

Pros: Good character development through the novel, not all at once.

Cons: A lot of similarities with Mortal Instruments; wondered if reading about the same characters just different situation.

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