Friday, April 28, 2017

Blow Out

The murder of a Supreme Court justice is always a terrible thing, for Sherlock and Savich as their weekend away in the Poconos is ended when they need to fly back for the investigation.  Callie Markham is an investigative reporter with a lot riding on this investigation for her career and personal life as the Justice was her father.  She is partnered with the police liaison, Ben, but within a day there is another murder.  One exactly the same as Callie's father's.  Every lead the detectives find seem to be far-fetched and unrelatable to each murder, but is it possible that everything is somehow connected to one another.  Is Callie onto something about the murder of her father and the others that seem to have the police detectives stumped.  Callie is a woman determined to find out all the answers no matter what the costs may be.

This was my first novel by this author, and honestly I wasn't all too impressed, but some other reviews I have read stated this wasn't her best novel.  I had a hard time relating to Callie, sure I felt for her with the lose of her father but I had a hard time beyond that.  While the story is engaging and interesting it seemed to be lacking something, something that I cannot put my finger on what it is.  The book didn't do much for me being a first time reader.  I wish I can say that it did.  I had a hard time connecting with the characters, in fact thinking now it's a little hard to remember much about them (I read the book about a month ago). 

While there were moments of suspense, it wasn't something that had me on the edge of my seat excitedly waiting to see what will happen next.  Some things were almost predictable which seemed to be a let down when discovered that my theories early on were correct.  The characters were kind of bland as I mentioned before, but they didn't seem to grow as the story progressed and the situations they were in did not feel realistic, nor did the dialogue. 

I had high hopes for this novel because I have heard such great things about Coulter.  The plot itself seemed interesting enough, but I don't think it was executed well.  Unfortunately, I would not recommend this novel and give it a 1.5 out of 5 rating.

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  1. We hope best thing for you and everyone as well. You have command in writing that seems me indulging me deep into it. Fascinating indeed!