Monday, February 13, 2017

A.D. 33

 A.D 33 by Ted Dekker tells the journey of a queen named Maviah.  She is known as the Queen of Outcasts or the Queen of the Desert. A neighboring kingdom as taken several children from her village including Maviah's son.  She embarks on a journey for find assistance in getting her son and the other children back, even if that means traveling to distant lands to meet with Yeshua.  She is horrified to discover that Yeshua is facing his own death.  She now must come to understand that this is God's as is the possibility of her own son's death.  Maviah finds herself struggling with her own desires and her teachings of the God word.

I have been looking at this book for a little while since it came out and wanted to read it since it's by one of my favorite authors.  I am slightly saddened to say that I did not like it as much as I have enjoyed his other novels.  I am not sure if i liked that Maviah was present for some key Biblical events.  I understand literary freedom and everything, but it still did not sit very well with me.  What i did like however was that the reader got a glimpse into Maviah's mind, we were a part of her thoughts and emotions. Part of Dekker's charm is that he is able to bring his readers right into the story with the characters.  He paints such a vivid picture that enables the reader to be able to visualize everything as if they were watching a movie.

I highly recommend this book, even if i wasn't a fan of it,  to anyone who enjoys thrillers, suspense, a little bit of sci-fy or fiction in general.  The beauty about Ted Dekker is he writes about Christianity without it feeling like he is throwing it into your face or anything.  He displays it through the character's faith and their struggle which are easily relatable.  My overall rating for this novel is a 4 out of 5 stars.

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