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Ever wonder it would be like to wake up one day and just have super powers? How would you learn that you have them? How would you learn to use them and control them rather than wreak havoc all around? Would you see it as a gift or a curse? Would you use it for the betterment of mankind or for selfish purposes?

That is exactly what “The Shattered Visage Lies” is all about. One day folks from across Eastern Pa woke up and find out in one way or another that they have been gifted with special powers. But they do not know how they came to possess these gifts (or curse according to one character Michael). The novel follows the lives of several different characters who have various powers that range is degrees of dangerousness such as a 10 year old girl who can disintegrate things with her mind. Each chapter deals with a different character and then slowly brings them together as they find one another. It’s a journey of transforming oneself; the character of Michael goes through this the most I think. He struggles throughout the novel with hiding the power of telekinesis from his wife, as well as helping the others (Derek and Emma) find other persons with this gift and either stopping them from doing evil or helping them understand what is happening, all the while trying to figure out how they came by these special powers.

You begin to read this book and you can’t help but get the feel like it is something like the TV show “Heroes” and in a way it kind of is, but also slightly different. The authors do a great job introducing each character and their powers. You can’t distinguish what the power it is until the characters learn it. Some novels with the same idea you can almost tell which powers a character will have as the author leads up to it, but that doesn’t happen here, other than maybe Keisha. There are several points in the story where you simply think “oh snap!” Especially with Kevin who is a technomage. The things this character does will turn your stomach so if you are weak stomached and don’t like gory stuff maybe skip some of the later chapters dealing with him. Of course he’s the creepiest one, and he’s from Pittsburgh, wonder if the author is trying to say something about Pittsburghers haha.

If you enjoy science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and things of that nature then I highly suggest this novel. The revelation at the end on how the character obtained these gifts will make you think and wonder if such a thing was possible. What would you do if something like that happened to yourself or someone you loved? The way it ends leaves you thinking there is more to the story and it has only just begun, which I hope is the case. You will be left wanting more not only from the characters/story but also from these two talented authors as well. “The Shattered Visage Lies” is a novel that should be read and enjoyed. I say add it to your shelf.

  Rating 4 out of 5 stars.
   Pros: Compelling story, interesting concept
   Cons:  At times seems reminiscent of something else

 Final Review: It is evident the authors put a lot of time and thought into this story.  Their story makes you think about the possibility of something like this happening.  It is highly recommended but use discretion because there are gory and sexually based scenes.

Authors: Chris Pisano, Brian Koscienski
Publisher: Post Mortem Press

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