Review Policy

If you are a publisher or an author and would like me to review one of your books, then this page is where you want to be!

accept ebooks as well as hard copies of the book. Any work sent to me will not be shared, given, or sold unless requested to do so. Please understand that not every request can/will be accepted.  I accept any book of all genres, while I do have preferences, I do enjoy reading outside of my comfort zone.  If I am unable to accept a request for one reason or another, I will inform you.
What you can expect from my review
My reviews include:
  • Cover
  • Title, author, Media source
  • Summary
  • Honesty with examples/quotes from the novel
  • Rating on a scale of 1 - 5
  • Other details as requested (author info or other promotional information)
My review will be posted on this blog as well as on Goodreads. I can also post the review on Amazon and/or Barnes and Nobel.  A review will be posted whether it’s positive or negative. Once a review is posted, it will be emailed as well as marketed on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and more.  As we enjoy getting to know authors, I am happy to do interviews, cover reveals, guest posting, and more. 

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